...And She Lived Happily Ever After



(For those sick of showing their kids just… after.)

Hey, Beautiful Soul Sage!

Have you been spending your life relentlessly searching for your truth?

If you’re brand new to personal growth or are looking for an alternative to therapy or marriage counseling, I recommend a Clarity Session. In this experience, you’ll gain deeper understanding of your current experience so you can move forward with clarity and love.

The 90-minute Empowerment Session is a healing experience designed to get to the root cause of your fears, heal, and integrate those frightened parts of your personality so you can move forward authentically.

If your marriage is really struggling, you’re a quick learner, or you’ve already been on a therapy or personal growth journey, I highly recommend my Happily Ever After Mastery Program which is the most valuable combination of weekly coaching, online learning, and access to all of my resources. We’ll work together for 24 sessions over six months. You can also sign up for Happily Ever After NOW, which is a 30-day mend your marriage bootcamp that includes my course + 4 coaching sessions.

Still interested in more? After graduation from Happily Ever After, you can continue with weekly or bi-weekly coaching as needed to continue to have mentorship while you practice your new skills and abilities.

If you’re not sure about coaching, begin your path with our weekly VIP Emotional Hygiene Meditation Sessions. It’s a great way to start finding calm and preparing your body & mind to find authenticity.

(All of my coaching sessions happen over the phone. Only in the meditation session do we meet over Zoom.)

Take a look at my offerings below and feel free to contact me if you need further assistance choosing a service option.

90 Minutes To


6 Months To

Happily Ever After

Clarity Session

This 60-Minute Phone Session is Designed For All Clients

The intention of this coaching session is to help you see any blind spots that you may be having when it comes to your most important relationships. We may talk about your past, your parents, and your patterns. Once you can see why something is bothering you, you’ll be able to change your actions and behavior that might be contributing to it.


 Empowerment Session

This 90-Minute Session Is Designed For Clients Prepared to Heal

The intention of this coaching session is to empower you to take authentic action in your life, and most often that will mean that you’re ready to heal a frightened part of your personality that has been holding you back from doing so. We will dive straight in and you’re encouraged to share what you hear and feel as we explore what’s been keeping you caged in. Be ready to honestly share and you’ll get the most out of this session.


Happily Ever After Mastery

Happily Ever After is a 6-Month Private Coaching Program for invested Moms That Helps You Create the Marriage You & Your Kids Deserve, Without Leaving the One You’re In Or Waiting For Him To Evolve

Explore my comprehensive 6-Month Happily Ever After Mastery program for $6795! This in-depth journey is perfect for those seeking a deeper transformation and sustainable results. You’ll receive ongoing support, tailored strategies, and a holistic approach to strengthening your relationship from the inside out.

Begin to create a new relationship dynamic where:

• Your kids know what love and respect look & feel like
• He doesn’t depend on you to make him feel better/happy (and vice versa)
• There’s no drama about problems or choices – you easily agree on an objective and find the best solution
• You feel seen and understood by him
• He’s happier so your home feels happier
• You never feel held back from a bigger purpose or calling
• You are modeling healthy communication and partnership for your kids
• At the end of the day, he’s your biggest fan
• You feel supported by him
• You spend each day doing more of what you love
• You can tell him how you feel without it becoming a fight

VIP Emotional Hygiene Meditation Sessions

Live Weekly Group Meditation Sessions Designed For All Clients

You can come join me and other women just like you every Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM Eastern / 6:00 AM Pacific for our weekly meditation session. We don’t just sit in silence, though! Sessions include teaching, visualizations, guided meditations, vipassana meditation, heart-centered breathing techniques, and time for Q&A.

Happily Ever After NOW

Happily Ever After is a 30-Day Mend Your Marriage bootcamp for dedicated moms that teaches you the simple framework for healthy relationships and gives you a chance to see what coaching is like!

Join my 30-Day Happily Ever After NOW program for only $997! This intensive program is designed for those ready to take immediate action and experience significant breakthroughs in a shorter timeframe. You’ll receive personalized coaching, expert guidance, and transformative tools to save your marriage, enhance communication, and create a lasting connection.

Learning Schedule: 

• Week 1: Exploring Triggers
• Week 2: Healing
• Week 3: Energetic Coherence and Intention Setting
• Week 4: Empathy & Connection and Communication


Their love stories… but the feeling’s mutual.

“Lots of tears and healing!!”

“I did it!! Lots of tears and healing in this one!! Beautiful lesson!! I’ll be listening to this one many more times. So grateful for your feedback and this course!”

Tarin M. 

“Access to my intuition has been restored in a way that’s very different from before.”

“I didn’t realize how far off I was, now I’ve gotten back to yeah this is what it used to feel like. Having these weekly calls was really helpful, it would have been easy to slip back otherwise. The constant processing is very helpful. 

The power exchange is different, and that makes a lot of sense now that I say it out loud, it feels more even.”

Emily B.

“You’re changing my life!”

“Beth Rowles you’re changing my life! Literally all the things I’ve thought come together and make sense! THANK YOU!”

Megan A.

“I think just talking all these out loud, I don’t talk about these things to anyone… could be a beginning of getting me out of my mindsets and little shell. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Oh my gosh, everything was useful today. I’m seeing the confidence I’m lacking, I want – I need assurance from people, am I doing right instead of listening to my heart. There are points when I need experts like you, let me make sure is this really truly what I’m feeling is the right thing or maybe I need to change something… thank you for giving me that confidence. “

Jahanvi S. 

It's Not Just a Marriage. It's a Family.

What better reason to fight for your marriage than for your children’s sake?

When my parents divorced, I rejected the parts of me that each parent found unacceptable in each other. Getting into radical self-acceptance AND acceptance of your husband as they already are will mean the world to your children by allowing them to feel safe to be who they really are. We want them to stay aligned to their Soul Truth!

It is possible to love their dad as he is when you show him how to love the real you as you are.

Your Happily Ever After Is Waiting.

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