Why Does Relationship Conflict Lead to Growth?

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March 1, 2021

The Authentic Wife and Mom

Beth Rowles | The Conscious Marriage Coach

Conflict with others is an opportunity for us to grow as a person, grow in self-awareness, and grow our most valuable skills.

Before I started doing this work in Conscious Parenting and the work that led to saving my marriage, I used to view conflict just as something to add to a growing cons list about the other person. I took those issues and collected them to be able to make a decision about whether I wanted to leave the relationship or not. Often, I did, or they did, and I just moved on. Even though I was introspective, I just wasn’t aware of what I wasn’t aware of yet. I didn’t know how to view the situation from their perspective (empathy) and I didn’t know why I was continually in these same scenarios with other people (patterns).

Most often, my lack of boundaries was reflected in a general dissolution of the relationship so I didn’t know what to do with those. I just always assumed I wasn’t enough — not skinny enough, pretty enough, or smart enough for the other person. But the only direct feedback I often got was more along the lines of “being on a high horse” or being condescending. That could have alerted me to my lack of empathy (though I was an empath, having real empathy is a different skill), had I known how to deconstruct the pattern and my role in the relationship.

Using conflict to help us see a reflection of ourselves the same way I used collected data about our cell phone network to improve it helps us heal, change our limiting beliefs, feel repressed emotions, and gain new skills like:

  • Active listening
  • Empathy
  • Emotional regulation
  • Pin Why Does Relationship Conflict Lead to GrowthCommunicating with empathy
  • Using our energy wisely
  • Mindfulness
  • Consciousness
  • Self-expression

It can:

  • Point us back toward what we need to heal
  • Alert us to thoughts that aren’t serving us
  • Alert us to where we’ve handed over our power instead of being responsible for our role in the relationship and our boundaries and authentic choices
  • Be the trigger that finally gets us to release and feel emotions

This is why I help conscious moms use their relationship as a feedback loop to grow in more self-awareness and create the relationship they want without leaving the one they’re in.

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