What Kind of Partnership Do We Have and How Will it Affect Our Kids?

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March 15, 2019

The Authentic Wife and Mom

Beth Rowles | The Conscious Marriage Coach

Ahoy, matey!  You and your spouse have just given Jack Sparrow the boot and boarded his pirate ship. You're ready to sail the high seas to the perfect island adventure, where you'll both find your treasure chest full of gold.
Oh no!  This voyage isn't free of challenges.  Answer the following questions, considering how you and your spouse are likely to react as each challenge pops up.

1. You've both boarded the boat and pulled the anchor.  As you drift off to sea, you realize that neither of you has a clue how to really sail a ship.  What is most likely to happen?

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2. You've managed to get out to sea, when you realize that someone's going to have to cook some food and take care of the equipment.  What's most likely to happen?

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3. Land ahoy!  You spot the island just as you were about to give up hope.  But when you get out the map, what is most likely to happen?

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4. You've found the treasure!!!  You can't believe how many gold coins are spread out all over the cave floor.  You both are so excited and overjoyed and suddenly the mood hits one of you.  What is most likely to happen?

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5. When you step out of the cave into the sunlight, you are greeted by… a band of pirates!  They want your treasure, or else!  What is most likely to happen?

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You’re living the good life with all of your new financial freedom. What is most likely to happen when it comes to managing your bloated bank account?

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7. Now that you’re rich, you notice a new, very attractive girl (or guy, if you're the husband) showing up in your spouse’s life.  What are you likely to do?

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You miss the days at sea. Even when it was hard, it was fun. You want to spend some quality time like you used to have. What’s likely to happen?

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