The Authentic Choice is never about what you SHOULD do, what you’ve been conditioned to do, about a Book of Law rule or about past traumas. It’s about following what your HEART tells you to do.

It’s being present to your emotions and allowing THEM to guide you moment by moment. We’ve been taught to ignore our emotions or that they’re weak because then we wouldn’t be conditionable – we wouldn’t be programmable robots able to support society by operating in their best interest instead of ours. Think of a soldier–how would he be able to function if he were to allow his emotions? Or anyone in a job that operates to serve something other than the individual.

We have confused learning for programming. Learning is to consume knowledge, not to erase our inherent wisdom. Meaning, we can glean bits of data we heed from other’s experiences, but that doesn’t mean that their experience will always be our truth. Just as if we read a book on how to be or own a slave, that documentation of experience doesn’t make a greater tool than our own wisdom (obviously guiding us not to do either).

When we combine knowledge with the powerful guidance of our emotions, we’re able to operate in this world in an authentic and novel way. Rather than absorb these experiences of others as a Book of Law and experience the same suffering they did, we are able to live in each moment guided by the original way– our heart.

We feel joy when we’re moving in the right direction. Anxiety when we need to act. Fear when we need to protect. Anger when we need to move away. Sadness when we need to let go. Shame when we need to apologize. Guilt when we moved in an inauthentic direction (made a conditioned choice).

The purpose of learning is to broaden our ability to act in ways that cause joy rather than suffering. It is knowledge combined with the energetic impulses of our bodies that guide us toward a life of contribution of our gifts–utilization of our Universal Gift. We are not puppets to be controlled but the puppeteer of our physical vessel, or our human body tool. We move consciously through our lives rather than our lives moving through us.

My mission is to help you find, trust, and use this inner guidance to live a life aligned to your Soul Truth – the life path meant for you. When we deeply understand ourselves and what we want and need, then we can create the relationships, careers, products, and services we’re meant to. Importantly, we’re also able to honor this in our children and raise them without conditioning them to ignore their own inner guidance the way we often were as children.

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