Handing over my crying baby to a person I barely knew and having to leave her to go to work was a source of major anxiety for me as a new mom.  The guilt at having to do this was unreal.  I was such a mess that I barely knew which way was up that first year.

I created this free mini masterclass on Separation Anxiety at Drop-Off for any moms (or dads) like me that have had or are having rough drop-offs, even if they aren’t the norm but still pop up from time to time.

In order to cover that topic, I had to include the core introduction to my Fearless Parenting workshops.  I think it’s so important to understand how fear affects our lives and especially our parenting.


  • Fear in parenting
  • How fear plays out for adults
  • Born fearless
  • Fight or flight
  • Common fears
  • Let them change the world
  • Becoming fearless
  • Finding answers
  • Making decisions
  • When fear is real
  • Tools to ease separation anxiety
  • Giving this gift to your child
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