The Authentic Wife


My story of finding the courage to be authentic through a marriage on the brink of divorce


Hi! I’m Beth Rowles

may your kids never need this book.

Our marriage was pretty much great until we had babies. That’s when my anxiety about not repeating my parents’ mistakes and getting it perfect met his undiagnosed ADHD and the sh!tshow commenced.

Little did I know it at the time, but my husband was here to wake me up to all my unresolved childhood pain and the judgmental, critical, inner voice I inherited.

I learned how to love. How to be me. How to give less s#its about how things turned out or what my husband contributed.

And that’s when I started getting everything I wanted.

xoxo Beth

Buy The Authentic Wife: Uncaging Yourself Through Marriage

If You’re Authentically sick of his B.S.

The Authentic Wife will teach you how to step out from the cage of your parents’ conditioning and belief systems so you can stop repeating their patterns and start living an authentic life.

I’ll show you how your husband is here to awaken you to the stuff you do, think, or say that’s not even aligned to who you really are, what I call your Soul Truth.

You’ll discover what love REALLY is and how you don’t have to depend on ANYONE else to feel it, experience it, or be it. We’re talking about a fierce energetic fire that you alone can create and you alone can put out.

If you’re a conscious parent with a partner who’s not on the same page, this book is for you. You love your kids more than you hate your husband, right? This is the next step.



Love for The Authentic Wife by Beth Rowles

“Beth’s hilarious anecdotes, potent vulnerability and riveting heart shares took me deeper into a reflection on how authentic I am within my own marriage. Overviewing the background on this institution and with her a no-holds-bar candid writing style I was enchanted and captivated by the revelation that we can find our true selves within marriage!”

-Lysa B.

Beth does a wonderful job of illustrating how challenging marriage can be, and how with simple, easy to do practices we can change how fulfilled we feel in our own skin and relationship. She honestly shares her story, and how she transformed from feeling trapped to feeling free and authentic. A beautiful book!”

-Harvey S.

“I just finished this book and it was so relatable and helpful. It’s helped me to remember to practice my belief that “what I focus on I get more of.” Also remembering to “choose” to see my marriage and conflicts as a gift to help me learn lessons meant for my evolution 💜🙏🏻”

-Barby. J.


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