Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a daughter of divorce?

In episode eight of The Authentic Wife Show, I vulnerably share the story of what it was like for me as a child of divorce so that it might help other children of divorce know that they’re not alone and perhaps give parents on the fence insight into what it’s really like to break up a family.



If you’d like to read the whole story, please visit In The Backseat: What It’s Like Being a Daughter of Divorce.

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If you’d like to know if you’ve done everything you can and whether or not it’s time for divorce, please take the Should I Get Divorced? Quiz by clicking here.

You can also download my 30 Texts to End His Resistance and Get More Help to learn how to start getting more help day-to-day.

This way of asking for help appeals directly to this smart, problem-solving brain and inspires more support than making a specific request.

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