The Authentic Wife Evaluation Call

Because Your Energy matters

Are You an Authentic Wife?

Or has fear caged the real you…

The Authentic Wife is the woman who isn’t afraid to rock the boat.

Who isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

Isn’t afraid to disappoint.

Or let down.

Or let.

She’s the woman who knows who she is, what her truth is, and how she’s manifesting her reality. She’s stopped playing God and lets everyone experience the consequences of their own choices, instead of trying to save everyone from discomfort so she doesn’t have to feel her own. 

She can do that because she walked straight into her own pain. She finally felt it, healed it, and lived to tell the story. She finally embraced everything she once thought was wrong or not ok or unlovable about herself.

But the Authentic Wife, once strong because she could do anything, is now strong because she realizes she doesn’t have to do everything. Now her power comes from her truth. Her vulnerability is what silently invites her husband to collaborate with her in the way he’s always longed to. She’s put control to bed and awoken intention, the sacred feminine, the power of the breath, and the wisdom of her Higher Self.

She’s now IN her body… and moving with grace, not a frantic pace.

It’s time to become fearless!

What Is The Authentic Wife Evaluation Call?

Step #1: Schedule Your Call

You’ll check my availability and find a day and time that works for you so we can connect over the phone to review your results from the next step. This call is 45-minutes. 


Step #2: Fill Out The Questionnaire

You’ll receive a link to fill out a quick questionnaire. Your answers create a snapshot of your marriage and your energy, to see exactly where you’re not bringing your authentic self now and what your complaints about him may be mirroring for you.

Step #3: Attend Your Session

 We’ll go over the results from your evaluation together on your call and pinpoint the areas that need the most attention. You can also ask any questions you may have about coaching services. Afterward, you’ll receive a copy of your results!

Step #1: Schedule Your Call:

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