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Love Him Again

The only relationship book designed to help determined moms model healthy relationship skills for their kids even with a husband who won’t go to counseling.


Time to Model a Loving & Healthy Relationship for Your Children is Running Out

Research shows that divorce is traumatic for kids of all ages and almost guarantees that your children will struggle with finding healthy relationships as adults.

The good news is that divorce is not the only way to have a peaceful home again, or to have someone to model healthy relationships with. That option is available to you right now.

Do you feel like a hot kettle ready to scream with the steam of resentment? Do you have a To-Do list a mile long and hate your husband’s face when he waltzes up in the evening and wants to add his needs to it? I know exactly what it’s like. I did everything to pick the “right” guy – even down to using eHarmony to find my match – and STILL ended up Googling local divorce lawyers after my two little kids were born.

But I was determined not to put my kids through the grief and loss I experienced when my parents divorced. Through lots of classes, books, experience, my Conscious Parenting Coach Certification training, and more, I discovered how to use the conflicts in my marriage to grow in self-awareness and create the relationship I wanted and needed all along. With the book Quantum Love, by Dr. Laura Berman, I learned how to embody my spiritual transformation to instantly change my closest relationship dynamics.

I’ve turned that work into my book, The Authentic Wife, and now, The Quantum Love Journey. Let me teach you my framework for happy relationships and help you put it to work in your life so you can experience this level of transformation for yourself!


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Happily Ever After Relationship Coaching

A 6-Month Private Coaching Program for Driven Women That Helps You Create the Relationship You Want Without Leaving the One You’re In

We’ll meet by phone or Zoom for six months, exploring the six phases of The Quantum Love Journey and putting them into action in your life.

Begin to create a new relationship dynamic where:

• Your kids know what love and respect look & feel like
• He doesn’t depend on you to make him feel better/happy (and vice versa)
• There’s no drama about problems or choices – you easily agree on an objective and find the best solution
• You feel seen and understood by him
• He’s happier so your home feels happier
• You never feel held back from a bigger purpose or calling
• You are modeling healthy communication and partnership for your kids
• At the end of the day, he’s your biggest fan
• You feel supported by him
• You spend each day doing more of what you love
• You can tell him how you feel without it becoming a fight

Investment: Each program is customized to your budget! 

Level One: Self

In the first half of the program, you’ll go on a journey inward

Month 1: Exploring Triggers

Using conflict and negative energy shifts as feedback, you’ll investigate the root cause of behavioral patterns you want to stop repeating in your life.

Month 2: Healing

Fully feeling any repressed emotions, reparenting your inner child, forgiving yourself and others, and adopting new beliefs all serve to reprogram your body & brain, aided by regular meditation to help you take control of your thoughts.

Month 3: Energetic Coherence

Using self-care to shift into an open-hearted state of love or a higher energetic state where life is happening by you. Ensuring your own needs are met.

Level Two: Relationship

In the Second Half of the Program You’ll Go on a Journey Outward

Month 4: Intention

By identifying your intention, you’ll change your thoughts and behaviors to match the experience you want to have.

Month 5: Connection & Empathy

Actively listening without judgment while seeking to understand, with genuine care for the other and with solid energetic boundaries. Receiving care. Expressing care verbally or physically by giving from an overflow.

Month 6: Communication

Expressing your inner world without defensiveness or attack, but with the intention to be understood and to problem-solve. Verbalizing expectations for mutual agreement and informing others of boundary violations as needed.

Who Happily Ever After is For

Are you a driven mom who wants to get it right?

This program is best suited for moms in a committed relationship or marriage who are avid readers, who practice Positive, Conscious, Gentle, or Attachment Parenting or are still learning about parenting with natural consequences instead of punishment, and women who could be considered personal growth junkies. You might love fun topics like mindfulness, child development, meditation, Quantum Physics, and chakra balancing! You’re willing to invest in your personal happiness and your relationship, knowing how much it affects your children long-term.

This program is definitely not for anyone in an abusive relationship. It’s not recommended for wives who are unwilling or unable to hold boundaries because they’re currently controlled by their spouse financially (and want to stay that way). It’s also not for couples who have already separated and one or both parties have no interest in saving the relationship. It’s also not for husbands! I only need to work with you to start creating change. 

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Make sure we’re a match + get a customized program based on your budget and needs.

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Lots of tears and healing!!

I did it!! Lots of tears and healing in this one!! Beautiful lesson!! I’ll be listening to this one many more times. So grateful for your feedback and this course!

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You’re changing my life!

Beth Rowles you’re changing my life! Literally all the things I’ve thought come together and make sense! THANK YOU!

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Turn Your Conflicts Into The Marriage of Your Dreams

Let’s make sure your kids learn how to have loving, supportive relationships and find your Happily Ever After, together.

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A portion of all sales goes to the Western Governors University General Scholarship Fund.

My Framework For Happy Relationships

The Quantum Love Journey by Beth Rowles

I’ve created The Quantum Love Journey based on the research and work of renowned relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman as outlined in her book, Quantum Love, to take you through the exact steps I took and still use, so you can have the relationships you want, too! Using Dr. Laura Berman’s Quantum Love Method, I’ll help you embody the changes you wish to see in your marriage.

This process completely changed my life for the better and gave me the knowledge I needed to have the loving marriage I deserve.

Watch the video below to learn more about my framework!

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Make sure we’re a match + get a customized program based on your budget and needs.

Stop Waiting Around For Your Husband to Change.

Take control of your happiness by signing up for Happily Ever After, my exclusive private coaching program that helps you learn and implement The Quantum Love Journey in your life. Start transforming your marriage and modeling healthy relationships today!

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