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Convincing someone to pay old debt is no easy task. Fortunately Resurgent came to the right place. I designed compelling copy, ads, and videos for an uncomfortable topic.


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Ad Copy: Banks don’t care about big dreams. Sometimes they only care about who you were 6 years ago. Show them who you are now. Helping you take your power back. That’s Resurgent.
Call to Action: Take control of my future
Ad Copy: A tight budget doesn’t leave much room for another bill. Visit your Resurgent Portal to set up a custom payment you can afford — in less time than it takes to make breakfast.
Call to Action: Pay off my debt and stop collection calls for good
Ad Copy: Heartless creditors? They don’t work here. You can request a debt validation letter within 30 days of our first contact to confirm if unpaid debt belongs to you. Or you can login to your portal to learn more about it + set up a payment plan if it’s yours. At Resurgent, we’ve made easy online solutions to remove any barriers to your success.
Call to Action: Learn more about this debt or set up affordable payments in 10 minutes or less
Ad Copy: You shouldn’t have to pay 6 times as much as your mom for car insurance. Take control of your buying power with easy debt repayment and start moving forward. You can set up payments you can afford in minutes on your Resurgent Portal.
Call to Action: Get one step closer to a credit report that reflects who I am
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