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Hey, Soul Digger!

Spent your life relentlessly searching for your truth?

You’re here because you’re a married mom who wants to be an entrepreneur or already is one but is MOST determined to not do anything that would hurt your children… right? Me too. Hey! I’m Beth Rowles.

As a curly-haired, tree-climbing child, I wanted everyone around me to be comfortable, happy, and taken care of so that perhaps – just maybe – they could take care of me.

When my parents divorced when I was 8, what was supposed to be the rest of my childhood disappeared, and I found myself trying to parent my parents.

It’s been a journey to get back to a place where I feel empowered and know what my boundaries are, who I am, and what I have to offer.

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Happily Ever After is a 6-Month Private Coaching Program for Driven Women That Helps You Create the Relationship You Want… Without Leaving the One You’re In

We’ll meet by phone or Zoom for six months, exploring the six phases of The Quantum Love Journey so you can put them into action in your life.

Begin to create a new relationship dynamic where:

• Your kids know what love and respect look & feel like
• He doesn’t depend on you to make him feel better/happy (and vice versa)
• There’s no drama about problems or choices – you easily agree on an objective and find the best solution
• You feel seen and understood by him
• He’s happier so your home feels happier
• You never feel held back from a bigger purpose or calling
• You are modeling healthy communication and partnership for your kids
• At the end of the day, he’s your biggest fan
• You feel supported by him
• You spend each day doing more of what you love
• You can tell him how you feel without it becoming a fight


For Coaches & Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Business & Marketing Strategy Consulting

Feeling stuck on your messaging (copy), branding, or promotional strategy? Curious what you need next in your business? Schedule a 15-minute call below to see if it’s something I can help you with!


Done With You Projects

Got a creative to make but hate tech? Not sure what your brand really is? Please fill out my Design Questionnaire.



Conscious parent coaching and education

Ultimate Parent Success Course & Coaching

Ready to start parenting consciously because you’re worried that you’re going to make a mistake and damage your children? Feeling anxious about every decision you have to make for them? I was there too! My 12-week program is great for Conscious Moms.



A book club for people looking to get closer to their soul truth

Love to read? Struggle to have time to read everything you want to? Like having notes to go back to, with key takeaways and quotes? Then you’ll love Soul SCHOLARS.

Join Our Book Club

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So impressed with these ladies…

Their love stories… but the feeling’s mutual.

Lots of tears and healing!!

I did it!! Lots of tears and healing in this one!! Beautiful lesson!! I’ll be listening to this one many more times. So grateful for your feedback and this course!

Tarin M. 

You’re changing my life!

Beth Rowles you’re changing my life! Literally all the things I’ve thought come together and make sense! THANK YOU!

Megan A.

It's Not Just a Marriage. It's a Family.

What better reason to fight for your marriage than for your children’s sake?

Your Happily Ever After Is Waiting.

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