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May 28, 2018

The Authentic Wife and Mom

Beth Rowles | The Conscious Marriage Coach

Hi Friends!

I’ve been quite busy with clients, editing one book and finishing up writing on another, completing our book club on A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, working on a new business collaboration I’m launching, and completing my Reiki training – I’m now a certified Practical Reiki Master!

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that can identify imbalances and promote relaxation and healing.

We use two sources of energy in our bodies, one from the earth that enters through our feet (grounding) and one from universal energy that enters through the crown of our head.  Then the body itself has seven major energy centers (known as chakras) that can become excessive or deficient, with the two energies meeting in the middle at the heart.  These imbalances can originate with childhood trauma or abuse, even the trauma we go through at our own birth, and manifest as a weakened immune system or physical malfunction.

Through intention, I can direct universal energy to a person, situation, or relationship for a specific or general healing.   The recipient merely sets the intention to receive it and then sits quietly for 20-30 minutes.  It can also be used on objects or for cleansing the home as well.

I currently offer Distance Reiki and it is offered to my coaching clients as well as part of their time with me.   Some healings include a report of anything of interest I noted during the healing.

To receive Reiki, please book a free consultation here!

Beth Rowles
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