The truth is that I LOVE to write. In my dreams, I’ve written novels that change the world. Yet for the past decade or so I’ve been focused on technical and non-fiction work and pretty deeply obsessed researching human psychology, conscious parenting, marketing, etc. In short, I’m incredibly boring these days.

Sales copy is an art unto itself. It’s completely different than talking about WHAT you do, as my friend and copywriter extraordinaire, Elizabeth McKenzie, shares with me in this interview. When I write copy for clients, I go deep into the world of the person they serve and try to write from their perspective. I have to admit that at times it’s hard to flip my mindset (though it’s much easier to do for someone else than it is to do for myself), but it’s often even harder to get my clients to be ok with this kind of text.

She’s back from the future! I’ve taken all of Elizabeth’s courses and have hired her for branding, email marketing, and sales page copy. She’s a copy genius and let me pick her brain to find out why it’s hard for people like me to write sales copy and what to keep in mind to do it successfully.

Elizabeth McKenzie is a copywriter and screenwriter. She’s currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Her second favourite F word is fun. The CEO + Founder of The Copy Word, she helps business owners write personality-driven copy + content that sell better than the latest Marvel offering on opening weekend. With a sense of self-importance known only to her generation, she’s gone ahead and written a book The 30-Somethings: Life lessons from a 30-Something that you probably already know. When she’s not writing in her ugg boots, she’s pretending she’s cool across hipster cafes in Melbourne – the LA of Australia – writing words and eating carbs. You can find Elizabeth at https://www.writeordie.co/

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