2: How To Use Your Marriage To Become Happier

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June 12, 2022

The Authentic Wife and Mom

Beth Rowles | The Conscious Marriage Coach

Did you know that you can use your marriage to become happier?

In the second episode of The Authentic Wife Show, I talk about how you actually shift your body into happiness and how your marriage can help you get more aligned with your authentic self and with happiness.



  • What is happiness
  • How to use your relationship to figure out why you’re not happy
  • How to meet your own needs
  • What emotions are
  • How you heal others

Nature is already at the frequency of happiness, and that’s why most of my clients end up choosing a memory of being outside as their Key to Happiness in my Happily Ever After Marriage Coaching Program.

I’m not selling Happily Ever After as in things are going to always be great, I mean that physically in your body, you feel happy, most of the time. That’s where we’re meant to live.

The way that we do is by starting to use our life, and more specifically the conflict in our marriage as a feedback tool. In business, we’re always looking at KPI’s or stats and that was the feedback to see how our network was actually performing. These KPI’s would show us how we were actually performing and then we could optimize it and make it better. This is the work I did for over a decade as an optimization engineer for a large communication company.

When you have moments where you feel less than happy in life, that is your feedback loop to see what you can improve.

You are part of this network. You are co-creating nearly everything that you experience. Even if something awful happens to you, you still made a choice at some point that put you into that situation. There are so many ways that we can take responsibility for what we’re experiencing.

“I made a choice that got me here. Is there anything else I could have done to not experience this? Is there any way that I could have co-created something totally different?”

We always have the responsibility to look at how we have contributed to what we experience. I think it’s very rare that things happen that we don’t in some way make a choice that leads to that outcome.

If you choose to love someone as part of your reality, then the consequences of their choices are also here for you.

If everybody in the world right now who’s unhappy in their marriage used this journey, and did this work that I did, our world would be a phenomenal place. Absolutely phenomenal.

To learn more about having a conscious marriage, click here.

To see how much responsibility you’re taking for your relationship now, take the Quantum Love Quiz.


You can also download The Princess & The Peeve emotion assessment to begin to learn how your emotions are your feedback loop and what you’re being asked to do differently right now.

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