In this interview with voice health expert and Speech and Language Pathologist, Brienne Hennessy, we cover all of my questions about voice health, like:

  • Where do speech issues come from?
  • What causes mumbling?
  • What happens if kids’ voices aren’t respected, heard in the family dynamic?
  • Does trauma show up as a voice disorder?
  • What happens in our bodies when we’re not heard?
  • How much water do we need to take care of our voice and when do we need to drink it?
  • How do we warm up our voices daily to be better speakers?
  • How do you find your natural voice?
  • How do we help our kids take care of their voice?

I even did an exercise to find my own natural voice right in the middle of the interview! Life-changing!!

Brienne Hennessy is a certified and licensed Speech-Voice Pathologist and Vocal Empowerment Coach, practicing for the last 13 years in the specialty of voice and upper airway-breathing disorders. She is the owner of Your Vocal Vitality, LLC, and creator of the Empower Your Voice Program, which provides preventative vocal coaching & helps women who require their voice for their jobs (more than 75% of the time), conquer vocal fatigue, implement vocal health & wellness strategies, and be able to show up & be heard authentically in professional and personal relationships.

You can find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yourvocalvit…

Or her website: www.yourvocalvitality.com

Visit Empower Your Voice private FB group for free trainings, tips, and encouragement! Also, you can follow her on IG @yourvocalvitality; and if anyone has questions or concerns, or needs more clarity on how their voice can be healthier, She’d love to chat with you! Email her at brienne@yourvocalvitality.com

Watch here or on YouTube:

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