One of the biggest frustrations my clients have is the fact that they do everything in their homes. They feel really tired, exhausted, and unsupported and they’re not sure how to get their husband to help more around the house. I’ve made classes on this and you can download my 30 Texts to Get Your Husband to Help Without a Fight resource, but what my recent guest talks about is a really great approach to getting everyone to do their part in your family: recognizing your role as leader.

When I first think of a leader, I think of the old, authoritative style of top-down, hierarchical leadership. I can tell you from my University’s business classes that this way is long gone. Business schools are teaching transformational or participative leadership styles these days. In other words, they’re teaching people to inspire and include their team toward accomplishing a common goal.

It’s no different in our homes. As conscious parents, we have no desire to boss around or make demands of our kids, but we tend to throw that out the window when it comes to our husbands or spouses. Yet identifying their strengths, overcoming challenges, problem-solving, and inspiring with our “why” matters just as much when it comes to our marriages. That was the topic of our conversation and I love that Kerstin is helping moms to form their teams and improve their leadership skills in their own homes!

Kerstin Kirchsteiger is a Scientist turned Life & Leadership Coach. The emotional rollercoaster that motherhood took her on, led her to leave science and dive deep into the study of Emotional Intelligence and she became a GENOS certified practitioner. Her journey of motherhood and entrepreneurship made it clear that work-life integration is a topic most working, homeschooling moms struggle with. Leveraging her analytical nature combined with her understanding for individualized solutions, she has created a system for moms to peel back the layers of obligations, expectations and guilt and build a life they’re excited to get up for every day. Kerstin offers coaching that includes tools of Emotional Intelligence, Respectful Parenting and Leadership Tools that helps her clients find their Flow, AND give them tools to create thriving relationships and a successful career. In her Leadership Consulting she has worked with clients from Thermo Fisher, EDF Renewables and Quidel. When Kerstin is not working with clients you can find her mountain biking or enjoying the outdoors with her family.



Download her visual checklists for kids so they can accomplish tasks or get out the door without you having to keep prodding them:



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