I’m in the process of launching a new book (Putting You in Business) and a podcast! In this inaugural episode, I take you through a few exercises to help you consider what you really DO in business.

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I think we get caught up in being a certain role or having a niche and we tend to discount the unique superpowers that make us who we are.

You likely could have many roles and help many different niches, but the things that light you up stay the same. 

I share some examples from my own history and how I weave those superpowers into what I do now; things like organizing the best information in one place, problem-solving, and being able to see your soul truth (aka purpose). Watch here:

I’m super excited to share the upcoming book with you and I’m looking for ideas for podcast names! I can’t wait to record more tips and interviews soon. Want to be a guest? Send me an email – beth@bethrowles.com.

I’ve just moved my office this week – I had to move THREE rooms to make it happen – but I finally have a door and don’t feel like I’m in the hallway. I’m back upstairs in my son’s old room and we’ve given up a guest room to make it happen! My old office (our formal living room) is now our game room which the kids are pretty geeked about. We just played Uno on my lunch break!

So, once I have my office a little more organized and decorated I’ll be online with a ton of helpful videos. Drop your podcast name suggestions in the comments!

Don’t forget to join The Family Alchemists, it’s my membership group where you get the digital marketing education + tools to launch or run your business.



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