As a marriage coach helping women create the relationship they want without leaving the one they’re in, we explore dysfunctional generational behavior patterns. But another thing that we work on changing is our energy, because we can actually put an end to a lot of relationship conflict just through an energetic process called entrainment.

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We’re All Just Energy, Connected in One Field (“Matrix”)

In quantum physics, the principle that everything is connected is known as “non-locality“. One energy particle can influence another energy particle, even when they do not touch in any way and even when they are separated by billions of miles.

Quantum entanglement shows us that particles can instantly coordinate or cause each other ot move at the exact same time, even when separated by miles. In fact, this connection can still exist even if one of the particles no longer exists.

Because everything is energy, including us, we have infinite entanglements across time and space.

Researchers at the University of Washington took one partner into a room and sent the other to another part of the building. Then they shone a light into the eye of the first partner while studying the ocular and brain reactions of the second. They found that the second partner’s brain reacted when the first partner was exposed to the light — despite the wide separation.

Changing Our Own Energy

Our ability to influence through energetic connection is called coherence. Coherence is a calm, peaceful, loving state of alignment in yourself when your heart is open. Your heart and mind work together in perfect harmony. When you’re in coherence, your systems are aligned and vibrating at a high frequency…You are clear and have wisdom available to you when you’re not in coherence. Your brain is actually working at a different wavelength.

Influencing The Energy of Others

Once you’re in coherence, you can positively influence your partner’s energy through a process called entrainment. Entrainment is one result of entanglement, a form of coherence in which one system’s energetic state can actually influence another system.

It can exist within ourselves and beyond us as well. Entrainment is the frequency locking of two oscillating bodies. They have different frequencies when moving independently, but when interacting they assume a common period. We’ve tested this using pendulums. We also use it in rehabilitation for things like strokes, traumatic brain injury, and cerebral palsy… there’s a field called neurologic music therapy that uses rhythmic-musical application for motor rehabilitation.

Creating The Relationship You Want Requires Coherence

Coherence is the key to creating the life and relationship you want. You are plugged into your partner at your most fundamental level, constantly sending and receiving messages with each other
If they’re in a negative energy, you can choose to align with it or to maintain coherence and allow them to entrain to you.

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