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June 8, 2020

The Authentic Wife and Mom

Beth Rowles | The Conscious Marriage Coach

Guys – go check out this interview I did recently with Deb Blum! Whether you lead your home or a team in your business, I know you’ll find everything she shared super helpful.


Click here to watch: How to Be a Better Leader with Special Guest Deb Blum

Deb talked about:

    • Cultivating self-trust
    • Trusting your good instincts
    • Self-determination theory and what motivates people
    • The faster path to achieving your vision
    • Having a mindset of service
    • Staying calm during tense conversations
    • Being right vs. being effective
    • And developing leadership skills in our children

Deb Blum is a certified health, life, and parenting coach PLUS has decades of experience as a consultant. She’s the founder of Redwood Parents, Inside-Out Activism, The Parenting 3.0 Show, her HOA’s president, and one of my best friends and collaborators.

PLUS – Deb and I have been on a very similar journey in our marriages and life in general, both committed to doing the work. Where I (enneagram type 5) investigate, learn, and really work to understand problems and how we got there, Deb (enneagram type 7) has this magic gift of seeing new solutions and a new way forward. I really enjoy working with her!

Please go watch her interview and give her some love. Share this with anyone you know in a leadership role — which is everyone!

Where to find Deb Blum:




Click here to read more about Digital Marketing and Putting You in Business. 


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