Our thoughts and feelings are vibrational energy waves, like everything around us. Every thought you have creates a vibration that goes out into the quantum field, or web of energy, or matrix, forever. These vibrations meet others, creating a maze of energy. Get enough energy together and it clumps into mass, becoming a form that is tangible and visible to us.

“In other words, the energy we send out as thoughts or intentions might just come back to us in a physical form. In this way, the energy of our emotions may be manifesting the events and relationships that occur in our lives on an entirely unspoken, unconscious, and quantum level.” Dr. Laura Berman, Quantum Love

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Your Intention Creates Matter

Intention has led you to where you are today, whether conscious or unconscious. When you don’t channel your intention and guide it in the direction you want to go, you are likely going to wind up somewhere you never consciously intended to be.

Intention helps us line up our thoughts and actions with our goal.

Buddha said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

What Kind of Relationship Do You WANT to Have?

If you regularly think your partner always lets you down then your relationship will suffer. Most likely, you regularly set an unconscious intention every day to be unhappy, be disappointed, and be ashamed of your body… and look where that intention has led you…

This is why Intention Setting is the fourth step of my Quantum Love Journey framework for healthy relationships. If you do all of your inner work but don’t consciously choose an intention for your relationship, your unconscious fears will still guide it and you’ll be constantly stuck at being triggered.

To change an unhappy marriage, you must CHOOSE to have a happy, supportive marriage. Only when you have that conscious intention will any relationship you have come around to meet you.

The myth is that divorce or starting over is the only time we have to CHOOSE what we want. And that’s just not true. You’ve chosen to have an unhappy marriage right now, so choose to have a happy one and see what happens…

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