Let’s talk about meditation.   Have you always thought of it as something woowoo that only yogis and Buddhists do?  Do you think it might interfere with your religious beliefs?  Do you think it’s impossible to shut your brain off?

Maybe we need to call it something different… for a lot of parents maybe just “Sit in SILENCE” would be appealing!  For real, though!

Recent articles have highlighted the mental load that is on most mothers.  Can you believe that it is possible to sit for 20-30 minutes and think about nothing?? It is!  And the benefits of that time are beyond amazing, especially for moms that do try to carry all of that load, concerned for not only our lives but those of our kids (and pretty much everyone we know if we’re being honest!).

I think most of us grow up thinking that we are our thoughts, that what we think about everything matters.  That is not true – we are the observer of our thoughts.  And honestly, a lot of the time, our thoughts are bullshit.  They are either rooted in fear or lack or some conditioning that someone once told us was the truth!

It’s not.  The only thing we know for CERTAIN, is THIS moment.  Meditation allows us to reconnect to THIS moment.

As a result, we have improved:


  1. mental focus and clarity
  2. mental energy
  3. patience (ding! ding! ding!  HELLO PARENTS!! <—-)
  4. immune systems
  5. intuition
  6. insight
  7. awareness
Before I started meditation, I could sit down to do something and would get either lost in thought, distracted in two seconds, or just plan push it away to do something else.  I was unable to just sit and be in the moment.

I would wash dishes thinking about the 42 million other things that needed to be done after the dishes.  Or the 42 billion things I wish my husband would do, including the dishes, so I could go relax.

I didn’t understand why my creativity seemed stunted, why I couldn’t think out of the box as well, why I just felt FOGGY all of the time.  

Then I started doing meditation once a week.  Then a few times a week.  Now I do it every day for 20-30 minutes and I have so much more mental energy and creativity.

As far as religious beliefs, did you know that prayer technically started out as meditation?  If you wish to connect to a higher source, or God, how are you going to hear him through all of that noise in your brain about remembering a prayer or scripture to recite?  Meditation actually allows the space for that higher power to speak to you.

Many of the greatest wisdom teachers of all time, Jesus included, had to get still to listen.   Just sit and listen and see what comes up for you.  Jot down any ideas that keep coming up or insights you have, but then go back to focusing on your breath.  After you meditate, journal about those thoughts.

I try to meditate before I do any serious writing, before I have any important calls or meetings, and just any time I feel anxious and need to quieten my mind.

Raising to a higher frequency emotional state through meditation is vital for success in all areas of your life, but more on that later.

Here is a quick video I did explaining how to meditate:

I’m going to be starting a meditation accountability group on Facebook, if you’re interested in joining, connect with me there!  Thanks for reading and let me know what meditating every day has done for you!

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