Digital Marketing in Soul-Inspired Business


I help parent coaches and other soul-inspired entrepreneurs succeed in business because I want more people to be able to do the beautiful work of healing, ending suffering, and elevating conscious awareness of our purposes here on earth.

I want to share the burden of attraction and engagement plus help them automate the “boring” tasks they don’t enjoy doing.

I want people to not be so distracted by operating their business that they forget to stay in alignment with their Soul Truth. I know that business owners succeed when they spend more time being rather than doing.

It’s my pleasure to help these wise mission-driven entrepreneurs create beautiful tools, experiences, and offerings for their clients, and to help them articulate the gifts they offer in a way their tribe can resonate with.

What’s your Soul Truth in business?

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Plan out the value you’ll deliver so it’s ready for every stage of your buyer’s journey and stop spinning your wheels creating content that doesn’t lead them down a path toward working with you!

I help inspirational entrepreneurs find brand clarity before building beautiful websites & digital marketing for them that clearly express their own brand of awesome, so they can thrive by focusing their time on delighting the people they’re here to guide.

Let’s get real for a minute. Are you:

Not sure what you offer and who wants it?

Not clear on what you even do?

Confused about who you serve and what they really need from you to make a decision to work with you?

Feeling a bit "superior" and "inferior" all at once?

Feeling unsure about what you do offer because you feel kind of incompetent when it comes to articulating, promoting, or selling it?

Trying so hard to be what you think others want you to be so you can thrive?

Then you’re probably looking for:

Clarity about who you help, how you help them, and how to communicate that

Your gifts and purpose so you can follow your inner calling and feel in flow instead of resistance

The chance to thrive by clearly communicating your needs and gifts

Clear direction, living your life with purpose, and taking action to build the tools your people need

The ability to take directed action and get people enthusiastic about your mission and supporting you

It’s not your fault you feel this much confusion.

You’re smart, an overachiever, and probably know literally everything about what you do…


But something I call your Employee Mindset is precisely what’s holding you back. You spent most of your life being the best at what you do. You’ve probably enjoyed good grades, promotions, and raises because of it. Everyone was safe if you were on the job.  And you’re probably great at managing people & processes, too.

And because you’re so good, you’ve decided to take this show on the road. Now you’re your own boss and just know everyone needs what you have. But you launch to crickets. You spin your wheels creating content and it feels like it’s all for nothing. Or you quit your job to launch, but now are totally paralyzed when it comes to what you really want to do.

The problem is that Employee Mindset doesn’t translate to success in business at all, because now you need to have Guide Mindset. That Employee Mindset that once helped you thrive is creating a major roadblock in your business.

See, you’ve probably felt cognitive dissonance (discomfort, a feeling that you’re inferior and superior all at once, feeling like your actions don’t match your truth) by thinking you’re still the hero in this story instead of the guide.

And that has made you feel like giving in and polishing up your resume, so you can be the hero (and get paid) once again.

When I finished my parent coaching certification and quit my job as an engineer to launch a business coaching parents, I thought I’d be successful because of my knowledge, skills, and abilities. That’s exactly what had served me as an employee, so wouldn’t it serve me now? 

But the truth was that I never felt right promoting my services. Something was just “off.”  Sharing about parenting felt judgmental no matter what I said. As I began pursuing my marketing degree, taking copywriting courses, and completing multiple marketing certifications, I realized that I needed to get out of my own way and stop feeling like I had to share about my knowledge and instead spend my time doing what I really wanted to do anyway: become obsessed with the client’s journey

Then I realized it’s far easier for me to help other people do this than it is for them to do it for themselves, no matter how incredibly empathetic and client-oriented they are. It’s just much easier for someone from the outside, especially someone with intuitive gifts like me, to see you and what you do best AND how you can guide your people on their journey.

Guide Mindset means that instead of being the hero, you lose sleep worrying about your clients’ problems rather than your ability to be the best at what you do. You’re constantly thinking about your people and how you’re going to guide them to where they want to go. Your messaging makes them feel special and loved

As their guide, you’re able to get into their shoes and understand what they need each moment of their journey, and give it to them!

Once you step into the role of Guide, promoting yourself feels clear and loving. You have exactly what they need, can easily let them know that, and finally feel soo good about your marketing – or inviting them into this journey.

You ARE still amazing and spectacular at what you do. Now it’s time to settle into your role as the teacher and help your people shine.

Let me bring in the outside perspective you need to message your offering, get tools built to help your client, set up systems to help you, and guide you to get stuff done that helps you start getting paid for offering the best of you!


Are you looking for…

More Free Time

Words That Sell

An Awesome Website

Engaging Content

I can do that! Let’s create something amazing, together!