Well, when we can all leave the house again! Coronavirus has us stuck now but there are still plenty of decisions to make. Yesterday I found myself whipping out something I made a while ago – the DREAM process. I was trying to decide whether we needed to invest in devices for the kids instead of giving them our iPads and phones. With virtual learning on the horizon for even my preschooler and kindergartener, plus leaning on devices to help us work from home, we need to do something.

In the end, the process led me to the realization that, RIGHT NOW, I just needed to email her teacher and see if Chromebooks would be provided or not. So for now, that’s our solution. Going through the steps in DREAM helped me figure out what to do right now AND what to do next. It helps me stop impulsive decisions. And it helps me take right action.

Yet the original goal of DREAM was to take a look at each of MY dreams and figure out what to do next. You see, each morning I write down 10+ dreams I have for my life. Mine are:

  1. I’m a paid advisor.
  2. I’m a relationship trailblazer.
  3. I’m a best-selling author on Oprah’s bookshelf.
  4. I’m an MBA grad.
  5. I’m a happy and structured mom.
  6. I’m a generous benefactor.
  7. I live in luxurious, clean spaces (a dream of every mom with young kids, I imagine!)
  8. I have a personal chef and a pool (though lately, I’d be content with just the pool!!)
  9. I can travel and give my kids FUN
  10. I have a just-right body
  11. I’m a beachcomber (beach bum? sunbather?)

But of course, I started with #11, and that’s how our vacation to Myrtle Beach was booked. Though it’s been postponed, I’m so looking forward to spending a few days digging my toes into the sand. My soul let me know it needs regular beach time and that was when I realized I’d been denying it something that’s a part of me for YEARS.

When I pulled DREAM back out yesterday, it dawned on me that I should share it with you! Everyone needs decision support but sometimes you don’t need the full support of a coaching call or you DREAM Process Make a decision achieve your dreams Beth Rowlesneed to make a decision quickly. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE DREAM PROCESS

XO + All my support during these challenging times,


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