I believe every woman has the power to create the relationships she wants with the people in her life.

Saving my marriage took personal growth, not a marriage counselor.

To succeed in parenting, marriage, or business, you need to deeply understand you.

Hi! I’m Beth Rowles

confessions of a recovering perfectionist

I get a lot done. Too much, maybe. I like to figure out the best way to do things, so it was no different when I had a little baby girl come and rock my world. She drove me to become the best parent I could, which made me so passionate about it that I got certified in 2017 as a Conscious Parent Coach by the Jai Institute for Parenting and I love to help you parent the way you’ve always wanted to. Her arrival broke my marriage, which made me figure out the best way to relate to my husband and save it. That’s when I wrote my first book, The Authentic Wife. I’m also a Suzi Lula Self Care Coach and Practical Reiki Master.

I left every bit of security I had as an RF Engineer behind to launch two online businesses around helping parents, and it was exhilarating. And crazy, if you ask my financial coach. My husband had been outsourced, I resigned from a 14-year career, and took the biggest leap of my life.

But then I realized I had to figure out the best way to help people know I could help them, so I learned business management and digital marketing, and immediately my peers began asking for help. I have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management + many digital marketing certifications, but my true passion is helping moms grow through their marriages… saving their children from the trauma of divorce.

It’s an honor and a privilege to help you do this work!

xoxo Beth

My Life in Pictures

It all happened so fast….


Began RF Engineer journey


Got Married


Had 2nd baby (boy!)


Published The Authentic Wife Book


Published Love Him Again Book


Met my husband


Had 1st baby (girl!)


Became a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach, left Engineering


Living my dream!

Q&A With Moi

Authentically me

Who do you look up to?
Fred Rogers, Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, Marianne Williamson, my clients, and anyone else who conquered their fears to change the world

What are your guilty pleasures?
Dark chocolate (especially with nuts & coconut), popcorn, fountain pens, journals, potatoes in any form, signing up for new classes, anything on Bravo, watching Southern Charm, Amazon, Target

What are your hobbies?
Swimming, reading (usually 3 books at one time), taking classes, research, meditating, learning everything I can about people, relationships, and marketing, playing with my kids, cooking (thanks HelloFresh), yoga, bird watching, organizing, and planning vacations last minute

Fav vacation spot?
We go to Gatlinburg nearly every year for our anniversary, but I’d love to explore Fiji, Hawaii, more of California, and Costa Rica. And Universal Studios! And I love going home to Greenville, South Carolina!

Dogs or cats?
I adore my boxer-husky mix Mela. She literally follows me EVERYWHERE. Every client call, every night feed, every drop off, every pup cup at Starbucks. Sadly, she left us June 15, 2021. We can’t have cats because my hubby is allergic. 🙁

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’m a best-selling author on Oprah’s nightstand, a highly-sought advisor, a digital marketing maven, and a relationship trailblazer… loving on a preteen and enjoying my vacation home in Hawaii!

My Values

I believe in….

Curiosity – always figure out how to get better

Enjoying life, being happy, and finding satisfaction

Authenticity always

Growth – physical, intellectual, and spiritual development daily

Appreciating the value and worth in everything

Being centered in the moment

Choosing intentionally

Honoring my worth always

Starting with emotional hygiene through self care

Bringing truth into form and nothing less

Working from a state of inspiration

Being responsible for the energy I bring


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My Overall Life Mission:

To help people realize their true nature as the same energy as the Source from which they came, to recognize this same energy in everything around them but especially children who are the face of God/Source themselves, and to love themselves and others in order to realign themselves and others to their true nature.

My Purpose:


The Sphere of the Mind: I want there to be more knowledge about the true nature of us, how to love and care for each of us. I want there to be an agreed-upon amount of minimum knowledge offered freely to our children that mostly has to do with how to relate to others and personal responsibility or empowerment.

The Sphere of the Heart: I want us to love ourselves so we can love our children and each other. I want to stop creating victims and know that we heal each other with love. I want people to stop looking at loving their spouse (the parent of their child(ren)) as a wasted activity.

The Sphere of the Earth: I want us to have more reverence for all of earth and to realize our connectedness. What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves.

The Sphere of the Spirit: I want everyone to know that we are the same as the Source from which we came. To feel divine and worthy and know we can heal through our alignment to our soul. To know we are all connected but individual. To be aware of the quantum possibilities in life. To know that churches sell belief systems that often use fear to control rather than love to heal. 

My Philosophy About Life:


  • Beauty is divinity in form, a  chance to recognize the ethereal in our physical form. Witnessing true beauty is to witness the nature of life.
  • Our behavior should come from presence and loving beliefs. When we are aligned to our soul, our behavior does no harm.
  • I believe we are all divine, the same energy as Source. 
  • Some of my beliefs: I believe a billion quantum possibilities exist to us in every moment. Relationships propel us forward in life– either through contrast or collaboration. I believe every woman has the power to create the relationships she wants with the people already in her life. I believe there’s a fierce energy in all of us that’s unleashed when we’re closest to our soul truth. Likewise, we feel resistance when we’re moving away from it. I believe there’s no outside influence more dangerous in a child’s life than having a parent too busy to be present with them. I believe that if you want to lose your way, you should ignore your feelings. I believe we’re no good to anyone else unless we take care of ourselves first. I believe we allow others to grow when we ask them for help. I believe we create each other. If we don’t like our marriage, we need to examine our role in it. I believe whatever we think we’re protecting our children from is only an old wound we haven’t faced yet. I believe we can’t change a relationship (with anyone or anything) by looking outward for someone to blame. I believe that divorce (total separation) should be the last way in which we hold our boundary, and that only childless couples can truly separate. Couples who have children together are in a family crisis–they can never truly separate–and you can’t protect a child if you’re not there to hold the boundary for them so growth must happen within the marriage on both sides. I believe that happiness comes from within, and there’s nothing out there that’s making us unhappy in here. I believe that others don’t bring us down with their negative energy, but that we align to it.
  • I celebrate life each day. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. The greatest celebration is when a child gives you their presence because you are witnessing the face of God.
  • We have choice which creates our lives. Our choices are informed by our emotions.
  • We are responsible to love ourselves so we can love each other. Community can’t exist without self-love and we have a responsibility to bring that to the table.
  • I compassionately forgive myself for making mistakes and I recognize the need behind other’s behavior.
  • I believe confusion arises from being in our heads rather than our bodies.
  • I believe we are in energy on death and can reincarnate if we choose, but most do because they don’t know their true nature and are attached to loved ones.
  • Events are the result of choices, of cause and effect.
  • We have free will to align to our truth or not.
  • Presence + open heart = happiness.
  • Fred Rogers, Robin Williams, and all people brave enough to be who they really are and unconditionally love others and children are my heroes.
  • Humans are here to master love and connection  — to bring the reality of our soul/true nature into form. To interact physically with divinity.
  • Love is a fierce energy from our soul that emanates through our heart and realigns those it touches. It’s like a fire inside our chests. We alone can douse it and we alone can build it. It isn’t dependent, transactional, or needy. It’s a state of being.
  • Reality is when our energy fixes a quantum possibility in place.
  • WE are responsible to courageously share our unique gifts.
  • The Universe is the creator/source admiring itself, split into an infinite (and growing) amount of pieces.
  • To me, curiosity (willingness to explore and learn), pleasure (enjoyment, happiness, satisfaction), authenticity (truthfulness, genuineness), growth (physical, intellectual, and spiritual development), and appreciation (recognition of value or worth) are the values that matter most.

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