Wondering how to get on the same page as your husband around parenting, the mental load, or something else?

When I was struggling with my husband, I just knew I was unhappy and he was (or seemed to be) the one to blame. It started to just become a big list of supporting “evidence” that my unhappiness was his fault and everything he did or didn’t do started to boost my bias that it was totally not me.

But what actually WAS the problem?

Identifying what areas of the relationship we’re struggling in helps us take off the blinders and see what areas we’re actually repeating patterns or being triggered within. When we can see those blindspots clearly, we can figure out what to do next.

Adapted from Dr. Laura Berman’s book, Quantum Love, the Quantum Love Quiz paints a clear picture of where you move out of Quantum Love and into Ego Frequency in your relationship.

Where do you struggle in your relationship coverThere are 7 areas of the relationship where you might need to focus:

  1. Security
  2. Sexuality
  3. Worthiness
  4. Openheartedness
  5. Self-Expression
  6. Intuition
  7. The Bigger Plan for your Relationship


Hop over to https://bethrowles.com/the-quantum-love-quiz/ and take the quiz. You can have your results emailed to you as well.

Please be sure to CLICK HERE to learn more about The Quantum Love Journey and schedule a free call with me or click here to find more resources on having a conscious marriage.

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