27: The Secret To Manifesting Abundance with Victoria Rader

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December 4, 2022

The Authentic Wife and Mom

Beth Rowles | The Conscious Marriage Coach

If you’ve been trying to attract and manifest abundance in your life, this show is for you!

In episode 27 of The Authentic Wife Show, you’ll learn the secrets to manifesting abundance in your life, especially financial abundance, with my guest Victoria Rader. Victoria is a Possibility Coach, Author, Transformational Speaker, and the founder of Yu2Shine. She has a fantastic way of describing how we become more authentic and why energy matters so much.



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This is the largely unedited auto-transcription of the show:

Beth Rowles: [00:00:00] Victoria, I am really pumped that you’re here. I can already tell that you have a lot of wisdom to share. I also loved reading about your background, so you were a successful realtor in 2009, which is wonderful. We had that terrible recession right around then, and you were homeschooling your kids. Bravo.

I don’t know how you did both. Um, and today you’re this author and you’re a possibility coach. Can you tell us a little bit about what that is and how you ended up here from where you were before?

Victoria Rader: Yeah, absolutely. Uh, you know, in so many ways, I believe my life has been guided and directed by people that I serve.

First without paying. And then, you know, my real estate clients were telling me, you’re really excellent at selling homes, but you’re much better at saving lives. . Like, ah, it’s too heavy of a burden. , right? But, uh, it naturally developed, you know, when I started, um, I got into real estate to solve a [00:01:00] problem, and the problem was I got my home in my family into great debt because I thought it was a brilliant idea to homeschool my kids and teach ’em about history and art by taking them to places of history and art.

So I took my two little. Kids, four and a half and seven, almost eight year old. My mom packed them. We went to Greece for three weeks. Oh wow. You know, we, we were studying Greek language and now we did the castle of ur. We had an amazing time, amazing time. Came home, my husband sat me down and he said, sweetheart, I don’t know what they used to do in Soviets Union, but there’s nothing attached to this, this little plastic card you’ve been swiping.

And so I got introduced to the finances in America, , and to the idea of a credit and living on credit. I mean, I was both exhilarated and horrified by the concept, you know? Right. And, um, but having tasted what I’ve tasted, True education. I wasn’t willing to give that up. That became a big why. And I said, how do I continue living the life of my dreams while [00:02:00] paying for it instead of making my family homeless

Right. Um, and the answer was 2007. It was real estate because, you know, you put a sign in the yard and you had 50 offers. I’m like, well, I can do that. That’s more hard. . Um, so I got my license. And of course we headed into recession and that’s when things became interesting. I got a coach, continued to do basic principles that I’ve since conveyed, you know, in all my business coaching, and, um, really loved what I was doing.

And then it was a combination of two things. One, the push from the client saying, you’ve gotta do more and more. And internal voice, you know, I’d call it the still small voice, that knowing that you can call it either the spirit of God or intuition, divine guidance. I literally woke up in the morning, uh, um, you know, in August, 2014 when I was in the middle of my best month ever.

Best year ever. And I knew I was done. There was this knowing I’m done. And so I came into my husband and I said, I’ve gotta [00:03:00] do this thing, I’ve gotta start my own company. And that’s how Utu Shine was born. Oh. Um, and the reason for the name of the company is I’ve walked through a lot of very dark, um, alleys in my life.

I’ve seen a lot of death, a lot of strife, a lot of poverty, and, um, it’s taken me very long time to stop fighting the darkness and instead to look for the light. Oh. And it seems like such an easy concept, but as everything that is simple. It is not easy. You know, you need guidance, you need sport, and so from the very beginning that became the passion that drove the company.

How do you disengage? From fighting the issues to creating what you’ve come to create. Mm-hmm. . So that’s how the company was born. Oh,

Beth Rowles: that’s wonderful. I love . I love that you’re like, I’m, I’m just gonna take them to Greece. That’s the way my mom was. I was homeschooled too, and it was very experiential and that was beautiful.

I, that was my favorite part of it. So I love that you’re like, committed to [00:04:00] continuing that. I’m sure you created a lot of great memories for them as. Oh, there’s so many ways we could go. I know you have so much knowledge. Tell me what you, let’s just start with, you were telling me how you, cuz I asked you if you were a financial coach.

Mm-hmm. and you, and you were telling me about how your work is. You’ve almost kind of categorized it through the chakras. So tell me about how you came to connect those with what you’re doing,

Victoria Rader: you know, from. The early childhood, I did have very unique gifts and uh, I believe all of us have them. Mine just were not really suppressed by my parents.

you know, they were encouraged. Encouraged as a fun thing, not necessarily as, um, encourag practice cuz as I’ve mentioned, I was born in, in the Soviet Union and the part in Ukraine. Um, but the regime was falling apart. But you still, any kind of spirituality. Not welcome in any way, shape, or [00:05:00] form. So I kind of did things for fun.

You know, I did, um, palm reading intuitively. I did uh, coffee leaf reading intuitively, you know, I, tea leaf and coffee grain. Mm-hmm. . And what I’ve realized with years is that, Things that we use to understand what’s happening in a person’s life are just tools. But really we tune into a person’s energy. And so I started exploring what energy is, you know, and how does it flow and why doesn’t it flow?

And in my life, this story that inspired was I was five when I’ve experienced, um, What became a metaphor for my work, I plugged a metal pin into a socket trying to create a hanger for my doll. And the in Ukraine, the, uh, amper, you know, the electricity’s much highers 240, not 110. Gratefully. I did not get electrocuted.[00:06:00]

Wow. But the impact was very heavy on me because, In terms of spiritual, you know, my grandpa was terrified I’d be killed, and the program of fear and death was created, all of that. But looking back, what I always say is there’s this power to the house. We call it electricity, and it’s the same to every single device.

But what comes out of every single device is determined by resistance to the power. So if I’m a little tiny light bulb, that’s 15 wa uh, amps, and I’m in the refrigerator, I have all this immense power of electricity, two hundred forty, a hundred ten coming to me, but I’m giving up only 15 if I’m a brighter light bulb.

If I’m a hundred. Amps, right? I’m getting all this power and I’m shining so much brighter. So what became very clear to me is that each one of us is the device of the divine, right? We’re created and crafted by divine creator and. [00:07:00] and all of us are pre-programmed with different levels of resistance by our upbringing, by our genetic, by our culture, by our trauma, by our shock.

So we have these different levels of resistance. And so there’s this immense flow of power of light that is accessible to all of us, and yet some of us seem to shine so much. Then we become labeled as successful or significant or achievers. But the truth is, the concept is very simple. We get out of the way of the divine, the resistance is lower.

And I became so fascinated with that concept that I understand the physics formula, you know, that the, um, energy equals current divided by resistance. And so, wow. Then have gotten into Eastern Study of Energy saying, wait a minute, there are these seven centers that are called chakras, because that [00:08:00] is not the language that is resonated with my culture.

I said, wait a minute. To me, there are a possibility Centers. We have this infinite possibility to flow in seven different ways. It creates our. And so how do I remove resistance, reduce resistance for each one of them? And that became the journey of empowerment. And so I lovingly named them and instead of starting from top or bottom, I start from the middle and I can, you know, I can tell you why I start with Love Me, the Heart center and it’s Love Me, love me, and is love me.

And the me is little ambi, E because. in everything that that we stand for. It’s a reminder that each one of us is mortal matter. That manifests materially our physical self, but we’re also eternal energy that the essence that expands [00:09:00] exponentially, that biggie. So every time I affirm or lead my clients in affirming I am me, little am biggie, I’m reminding that I’m mortal surrendering to.

I matter surrendering to energy. I’m material surrendering to essential and manifesting to expensive. And I’m both, you know, I’m, I’m not either one. I love this Little scared matter. You know, it’s here my biggie, my spirit chose it. So yeah, so we started with Love Me and then we can. If you have questions, we can guide through any one a seven and go in any one of those seven directions.

Beth Rowles: ah, you are just speaking to me right now cuz I love this as, as a previous life engineer. Like thinking, connecting those dots between the electricity and the resistance and absolutely how much we have all these programs that create resistance for us and how we can like channel that energy and let it come through our lives.

From, from what I know, and you can correct me if I’m wrong, from what I [00:10:00] know, the heart chakra is the one that gets most damaged, you know, from different things that our parents do. Like each, each chakra’s affected differently, right? But they, any wound also affects the heart chakra. So it makes sense that you started there and, and worked with love.

But I’m really dying to know more about what you’re doing right now. You have a book coming out about this and the chakra related to. Finances and stuff because this one, and I’m very selfish here because this is the most sticky for me. Despite all the work I’ve done. It’s, ugh, it’s a hard one for me.

Victoria Rader: So tell me.

Yeah. You know, I started writing, um, a book Love Me book, because I figured that’s where we all start and God kindly said, Do you love yourself to write about what you need to write and learn, which is money. I’m like, what? What does money have to do with anything? And it was like, fine, fine, fine. You always win.

You know? And so I say, well, first of all, I look at God as great overall designer, right? [00:11:00] That we all get to, to define as we, as we resonate. And then love is life originating, vibrant emotion or energy and emotion. So life is very simple. If you add to life, you. If you subtract from life, you don’t. So that’s kinda the beginning of it all.

And so how do we get to pros from you? So I go from, you know, love me to empower me. Solar plex is why? Because God is love. God is light. Universe is love. Universe is light. I am me, which is I am light and love. So it’s very important to start the love and light flowing and then you expand to your throat chakra.

I call it Hear me? So you can express as the love and light you are down to the sacral chakra. Create me so you can create through the expression of who you are. Then up to the third eye, which is your see me. So you then seen for the authentic creative expression of love and light that you are, and then we go down to prosper me.

So as a result of being seen as the authentic. [00:12:00] Expression of creation of love and light that you are, you can prosper, and then you connect back to the crown chakra, which is mastery because you’ve mastered the opening of the flow. So I know it’s not a traditional opening, but it’s quantum freedom opening that works for me and my clients.

So as you can see, the reason we get stuck with money is because we think money is the cause, but money is a symptom. So if you have a flu and you’re coughing, we can take medication that suppresses cuff, but it doesn’t do anything for the virus that is causing the flu. So with money, we think we can solve money problems with money solutions.

Mm. But it is simply a symptom of disconnect. You’re either not connected to the love and light that you are. You’re struggling expressing it. You’re struggling creating through it. You don’t see the genius and the talent that you are, and so by the time it gets to [00:13:00] monetizing, The expression of who you are through prosperous way.

We don’t know where we’re stuck and there is a break in and, and we have these gazillion programs on money and they’re all symptoms. They heal the cough and then it goes back to virus. And so many successful people say, wait a minute, here I was on top of everything and here I am back. I’ve started, you know, or worse.

So that’s the first step. So, of course Prosper me then the book, the name of the book is Prosper Me, the 35 Universal Laws of Money, universal Laws to Make Money Work for You. This little book’s done very well. It’s continued to be a best seller, mostly because we are selling it for 99 cents for on kind.

You can have the audio version and the hard, soft copy for what it is really worth on Kendall, we are really giving it away because I think the message is so needed. . Mm. And the book is structured around 35 [00:14:00] universal laws. Why are they universal? Because they can be applied to any part of our life. Hence we’re healing all seven chakras.

See, there is a method to my madness. Yes. So you know, the first law is gratitude and it goes through. All of them, all the way to the last law, which is the law, forgiveness. And so what I do in the book, I take the concept of the law, I give the story of how it played out in my life. Then there is an energetic shift, the affirmation to shift, to welcome the law to work for you in your life, not against you.

Cuz they’re always working. All those are always working, right? Gravity is here. Whether it’s here for, to keep you up or to have you fall down for or against. But it’s here. So it’s with every. And then there are three practical financial applications. So you change your spiritual, emotional understanding of the law, and then you affirm for your subconscious and then you practically [00:15:00] apply it.

And it’s a gorgeous journey that heals your relationship with the prosperity flow, which then will heal the relationship with the symptom of it, which is. Wow.

Beth Rowles: Yeah, that, that makes a lot of sense cuz I know I’ve read other books and they give you a hundred affirmations, and just, that’s like, it’s helpful for a minute, but it doesn’t really seem to, you know, I was, I was madly reciting them the other night going to get a power ball to get, I’m like, I’m gonna get those billion dollars on it, I believe.

I believe. And it’s like, no, there’s, there’s

Victoria Rader: nothing. Yeah. The voice goes. Well, good luck, . You know,

Beth Rowles: it’s like really? Okay. Yeah. You keep thinking that , you

Victoria Rader: keep thinking that. Yeah. Let’s see how that’s gonna go this time. ,

Beth Rowles: what do you, when you’re working with your clients, so since I know now that you kind of hit the whole, all the energy centers are necessary, [00:16:00] what kind of.

Subconscious thoughts. What are these fears that come up that really hold us back, or what do you work with the most? What’s the resistance there?

Victoria Rader: I think the biggest resistance is to accepting who we are as we are. We are too eager. To punish, to hide, unable to forgive the parts of us that need to be accepted the most.

Mm-hmm. and are not ready to be changed. Most of humanity at this time is trained to accept only that, that they can change. And so there is always a part of us that we are refusing. To accept and it is that part that we need. We need to welcome, you know, call it the scare itself. Mm-hmm. . Um, we actually, on the side, we have a little, I don’t know what the popup is still there, but there’s a free meditation from Scared to Sacred, and what that little meditation [00:17:00] does, if you look at the two words, scared and sacred, they are the same letters with little C shift.

And it came as a result of work with a client who said, I just can’t commit to my success. I can’t. She just kept saying, I can’t commit. And so what came through was, wait a minute, you already committed. You’re just committed to your scared self, but you can’t even find it because you’re so afraid to find it.

And so that five minutes has you connect to your sacred self, that biggie and pour love to all of the darkest. You know, frequencies of who you are without needing to change them. That’s like a big concept. Yes, there will be parts of us that are ready to be growing and changing, but there are parts of us that simply are not.

And so, and then the receptors for accepting and for receiving a part of who we are are the same receptors that accept and receive a. [00:18:00] So as we learn to accept all of who we are, that expands us to accepting others as they are, and that opens the obvious flow of all abundance to us. Instead of subconsciously insisting on this is the only way I’m gonna have the money, and it blinds us to every other opportu.


Beth Rowles: that makes sense. So we have to accept all of who we are to accept others as they are. And that’s what leads to accepting the abundance of money.

Victoria Rader: Oh, okay. They’re the same receptors By receptor, I mean, it’s like a kid’s game, you know, that, uh, you cannot put around a peg into a square box, but you keep trying.

And so, Our, our receptors for, uh, emotion are built the same way. So let’s say if you as a child were [00:19:00] damaged to receiving love, it doesn’t matter how much love is given to you, don’t have a gate, a receptor to receive it. So you react to it with anger. Mm-hmm. , meaning I know people have been in relationships when you’re trying to be loving and what you get back is anger because a person is unable to receive.

Well if they’re unable to receive love their receptors for receiving a blocked. So when we, and the fastest and deepest way to open them is to just first accept love that is there for you as you are. And through that love, accept yourself as you are. You know, cuz we would used to say, um, what was the phrase that, in personal development is such a big phrase that.

Love yourself for what you do. You know that, that whole four thing, but it’s not for something cuz it still calls you to do something positive. It really adds, you know, you accept yourself as you are and you [00:20:00] love yourself as you are. Okay? And it’s beautiful art ,

Beth Rowles: so creating the receptor. Just mostly requires giving it to ourself first?

Is that what you’re saying? Oh,

Victoria Rader: you know, this is a great question. Uh, Beth, in terms of direction, we’ve gone for a couple centuries of outside focus, sacrifice yourself completely for the sake of someone else. Mm-hmm. , and that was not. Healthy and now, unfortunately, the pendulum is swinging all the way to take care of me.

Me first. I mean, it makes me throw up, right? That praise me first because it’s the pendulum of the same thing. Because love is, you cannot experience love in one direction. If you are experiencing love, you love you and you love, all right? And if you say, I’m going. Put myself first, or I’m going to love me first.

You are cutting yourself from any energy of love [00:21:00] other than the egocentrical nourishment of your current drama, not even drama, your current drama. And so there there’s a poison of me first. It’s not first to second, it’s love. Now it’s tuning in to the energy of creation that is, Feeling the same amount of love for you as you do for the chair you sit on.

Because you don’t have to stand for the flower in the field for the person that’s losing their shit at the store in front of you. And. It’s recalculating back to that energy. It’s not, I’ve made a decision. I’m a saint. It’s recalculating to that energy over and over and over and over again.

Beth Rowles: I always say that love is the state of being that you tune into.

It’s like a different frequency and it’s not something you give. So I, I just love that. So in that, Set like that, that’s something you tune [00:22:00] into is like abundance or money, something else that you tune into, or is that also through this channel of

Victoria Rader: love? There are all the symptoms of energy, of love because, um, love is the frequency that creates abundance.

And so, you know, when you look at the first lights, a love gratitude. The distinction that I make there, because as many universal laws as we study them, we tend to misinterpret them through the ego center versus the Soul center. So you will see people writing these long lists of, you know, okay, every morning you need to write to the list of 99 cents.

It’s things you’re grateful for. And then at the end of the month, you’ll have a million dollars. I mean, you know, there’s a formula, but the problem is that the universe does not respond to quantity. In response to the quality of energy. So it’s so much more important to be grateful for the same thing over and over again than to wreck your brain to come up for other things [00:23:00] you feel nothing about.

Just because you should feel grateful for something of someone does not mean you do. Mm. And if you force yourself to put it on your list, You are resurrecting un healed trauma associated with why you are not ready to be grateful for it. Oh, wow. So I always tell people, start with one. What is the one thing.

That you cannot think about without a smile on your face and start being grateful for it three times a day, preferably at 9:00 AM 3:00 PM 9:00 PM My phone is set up for that. Really? Why? Cuz it’s the sacred geometry of all creation. So you go like 9:00 AM my phone pops up and says, what are you grateful for right now?

And I’ll pause and I’ll be like, what am I really grateful for right now? And so often it’s like my puppy, who’s at my. And I will connect to that moment. And it’s a sacred moment of being overwhelmed with the gratitude and [00:24:00] that nourishes the connection to love. So with gratitude, it simply doesn’t work to fake it till you make it.

Remember, there’s no faking in the opening of its centers love, light, express, authentically. Oh wow.

Beth Rowles: What about, because I’ve been told. So many things about manifesting and like the idea of visualizing yourself already there and then saying it like it’s happened now. Like, I’m so grateful that I’ve graduated with this degree and look at me walking across the stage kind of thing.

Does that play into it at

Victoria Rader: all? Yes. Yes, and yes, and as long as we align it with authentic intention, right? So the visualization through emotion is best done before you go to bed. So let’s say, as you’ve given that example of graduating, make sure you don’t insist on the how. You don’t insist on necessarily which school or which day, or I always say set the date and then release.

[00:25:00] Subject to change in the best and highest way, you have to set the date because that allows for you, um, not to procrastinate with action. So, but you said it once. So let’s say if I’m manifesting graduating with a degree, I’m going to ask myself, well, would it feel like to have it in my hands and before I go to bed, I’m going to fall asleep?

Being at the moment of that graduation and tuning into the one feeling. And what is that feeling? Is that a feeling of accomplishment? Is that a feeling of gratitude? Is that a feeling? What is the feeling? We want things because we want a certain feeling. We don’t want things as human beings, we only want feelings.

We’re unable to connect to the feelings. So we relate ’em to things. So what would be. For most people it would be actually, um, self-worth. A lot of us associate the absence of education with hidden [00:26:00] patterns of lack of self-worth. So you tune into what feeling that is and what it feels like to be in that feeling as you drift to sleep.

Because for four hours after your subconscious mind creates neural pathways for seeking it. Through your al activating system next day, the opportunities to feel that feeling. So then when you wake up in the morning, you continue the manifesting because we don’t attract what we want. We attract who we are.

So you now say, if that feeling was the feeling of accomplishment and self-worth, you ask yourself, what are three simple steps I can take? To support my feeling of accomplishment and self-worth, and then you take action. So it’s the dance between visualization and acting as if you already have it. Oh, wow.


Beth Rowles: Wow. That brings up another thought when I was [00:27:00] thinking about the lottery the other day, like who wouldn’t want to win the lottery? But I was thinking about that kind of like, what would it feel like to have it? And then I noticed some resistance to it. I’m like, well, I don’t, I don’t really need it.

Like it would be great and I would give it away and be, there’s so many things I could do with it. But what is that? Is that like my own. Scared self or is that just like,

Victoria Rader: it could be a combination of many things and you know, scanning your energy. You have an incredible energy of integrity. You’re one of the people with higher integrity that I’ve probably met.

That’s like your, that’s beautiful, beautiful energy that you carry. There’s a very clear thing of this is the best and most pure way to do things, and I will not do anything unless it’s aligned with that. That’s your gorgeous. Gorgeous, uh, signature. So it actually is not your scared self. It’s your sacred self that says, Beth, how about you leave this for somebody else who probably does not have the frequency of purity that you [00:28:00] currently possess?

There’s a better way. And so when you say, okay, life is a lottery. I don’t have to buy a ticket. I’m ready to receive the winning in the best and highest way that is align. With a purity of my intent. And then you’re gonna write down the amount that you want, and then you’re gonna write down what you’re gonna do with that.

So you have a very clear plan towards that. So you say, if I have the million dollars, this is what I’m gonna do. First of all, hello US government, here’s you a 250 or three 30, depending on whoever the president is, right? just, just shove away. And then you’re gonna say, so that’s the first thing I’m gonna do.

Now what’s. I would say in my book, it’s 10% goes to charity. What charity you gonna give it to? 10% goes to saving. What saving you gonna use 10% goes to investment. What you gonna invest into? And then from that amount that is there, what are you going to do with that? And you’re gonna learn about yourself because you will see whether you would [00:29:00] trust yourself with that money or not.

And if you wouldn’t, We’re back to not accepting ourselves, then the universe definitely will not. Oh, wow. And the only way to know whether you would trust yourself with that money or not, is to do that very practical exercise and be like, Yeah. You know, I mean, I wanna say I would do that, but I really would just buy a million dollar house, then be stressing about how do I pay taxes?

And now I’m in a, and our soul says, we don’t need you stressed. You’re fine where you are. Ah.

Beth Rowles: What, what comes up there is like, well, I know what I would do with it, but what would my husband do with it? There. There

Victoria Rader: you go. So, you know, I wouldn’t trust myself to be the wife who could explain to my husband, you know, just, that’s the gift there.

That’s where you find it’s not the money. It’s where you find that, oh.

Beth Rowles: You were so good. You’re dead on, by the way, about the integrity. Cuz that thought went through my head even like, um, somebody else needs this. I don’t really need this. [00:30:00] Wow, you’re good. I love it. Tell people where they can find you.

You’ve already shared a few things, but what would you like people to go do first? I

Victoria Rader: think the greatest place to start the journey is if you go to Money quiz.me and now we know why it’s me Little Abi, right? But you can miss Spouse this money quiz.me. And what it does, it actually tells you what your money healing mode is.

It identifies your driving emotion in life. You’ll have four, four types for most of us. So it gives you money of four types and then it tells you which three laws to start with. Breaking through that. So that’s, you know, that’s kind of where we welcome everybody and then you become a part of the family and, uh, we follow up.

But my website, uh, YouTu shine.com, y number two, shine.com. Mm-hmm. . And, um, I do not have indivi room for individual clients, but I do do 15 minute free consult where I met you with the best coach that we have, or [00:31:00] with the best program that I conduct and so forth. And.

Beth Rowles: Oh, that’s wonderful. Well, I really appreciate your time and for sharing all this wisdom and insight today.

Thank you so much for retuning all of us. I appreciate you being

Victoria Rader: here. Thank you so much, Beth. It’s been really, really pleasant to be here. Thank you.

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Love Him Again: A Step-by-Step Guide to Saving Your Marriage by Beth Rowles

6-Month Marriage Coaching Program for Wives Contemplating Divorce

Happily Ever After 6-Month Marriage Coaching Program

"Your partner is ultimately a mirror of how you feel about yourself, and your relationship will call on you to get into integrity with earlier wounds and negative life patterns."

--Dr. Laura Berman, Quantum Love

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I’m Beth.
Your Authenticity
[to keep it a Family] Coach.

You and your kids deserve a marriage that brings your light to life. That may seem far away right now, but I’m proof that it’s possible and in your power to create! Stop worrying about what your kids are learning from him and let’s figure out what they can learn from you, mama!