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to create the family, marriage, or business you love

We don’t all have to be heroes. We just have to be brave enough to be ourselves.

Everyone is inspired by your story.

You’re an expert. Brilliant. Wise. Compassionate. And you want to be the best at what you do – whether that’s changing diapers or changing lives.

Learn more about yourself to understand why you are the way you are, what you need, how you can get better, and how you can inspire others to grow. I help Super Soul Models like you silence that critical inner voice and take action from your intuition to create a life or business everyone loves.


Hi! I’m Beth

Joyful, journal-loving, sunshine addict

I want to live in a world where sunshine breaks are mandatory, where luxury is the standard experience, where chocolate doesn’t melt in the mail, and where it’s ok to soften and receive love again.

A passionate conscious parenting expert, relationship coach, and digital marketing manager, I help wise women learn why they are the way they are, let go of what they don’t like, create the relationships they want, and embrace their gifts to build a business by design.

I believe there’s a fierce energy in all of us that’s unleashed when we’re closest to our soul truth. And we feel resistance when we’re moving away from it.

Think of me as your friendly guide back to you, in parenting, marriage, and business.

Let’s inspire people to grow!

Feeling Stuck in Your Relationship?

Divorce is not the only option to get the love you need

I get it. Preventing my kids from experiencing the same grief I did from my parents’ divorce used to be on my mind every day. That’s why I was relentless in learning how to fix what I didn’t like about the relationship I already had.

I didn’t want my own stuff to ruin my children’s chance at being part of a loving family.

I discovered that I was co-creating (aka, it wasn’t him, it was me too) everything I was experiencing. I’ve developed The Quantum Love Journey to help you create the same level of transformation in your heart and home as I did.

And if you’re ready, sign up for my private 6-month coaching program for driven women that helps you create the relationship you need without leaving the one you’re in:

Happily Ever After

Time is Running Out to Show Them How to Create Their Own

Happily Ever After


Explore Your Triggers & Heal

Get Tools

Create Change Using Your Energy


Feel Loved, Cared for, And Supported


Learn how to fix rather than Fight

Happily Ever After

A 6-Month Private Coaching Program for Driven Women That Helps You Create the Relationship You Want Without Leaving the One You’re In

Begin to create a new relationship dynamic where:

• Your kids know what love and respect look & feel like
• He doesn’t depend on you to make him feel better/happy (and vice versa)
• There’s no drama about problems or choices – you easily agree on an objective and find the best solution
• You feel seen and understood by him
• He’s happier so your home feels happier
• You never feel held back from a bigger purpose or calling
• You are modeling healthy communication and partnership for your kids
• At the end of the day, he’s your biggest fan
• You feel supported by him
• You spend each day doing more of what you love
• You can tell him how you feel without it becoming a fight

Learn More



Who Happily Ever After is For

Are you a driven mom who wants to get it right?

This program is best suited for moms in a committed relationship or marriage who are avid readers, who practice Positive, Conscious, Gentle, or Attachment Parenting or are still learning about parenting with natural consequences instead of punishment, and women who could be considered personal growth junkies. You might love fun topics like mindfulness, child development, meditation, Quantum Physics, and chakra balancing!

This program is definitely not for anyone in an abusive relationship. It’s not recommended for wives who are unwilling or unable to hold boundaries because they’re currently controlled by their spouse financially (and want to stay that way). It’s also not for couples who have already separated and one or both parties have no interest in saving the relationship. It’s also not for husbands! I only need to work with you to start creating change. 

Book Your 30-Minute Fitting Call Now

Let’s make sure we’re a perfect match and, if so, get you enrolled in the program!

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