Find Your Happily Ever After, Conscious Momma

Take your marriage from

“I can’t live like this!” to “Things are sooo good between us!”

… without waiting for your ADHD husband to evolve


Find Your Happily Ever After, Conscious Momma

 Take your marriage from

“I can’t live like this!” to “Things are sooo good between us!”

… without waiting for your ADHD husband to evolve

It isn’t your husband, it’s your ability to be  authentic

I help moms who are feeling like they’d be happier alone

Are you tired of feeling like the only adult in the house? Are you frustrated by the endless waves of resentment that are interfering with your ability to be a present parent? If so, you’re not alone. Most women have no idea how to have a healthy, authentic relationship and end up repeating what their parents did, despite their best intentions. When their marriage starts to crumble, it makes them feel like they’re failing for the first time in their life. This inability to fix it and have the supportive partner they want creates an endless cycle of questioning if they should get divorced.

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Learn how to create the relationship they want without leaving the one they’re in

I give women a proven 6-step system to create healthy, authentic relationships to create the loving family they wished they had growing up. This methodology is about becoming more, not less, authentic so you create exactly what you really want in your life. My Quantum Love Journey Method isn’t what you’re shown on TV or taught by your parents, and the result is the ability to create your true Happily Ever After life no matter your circumstances.

Here’s how it works

Proven Strategies

I took the confusion out of conscious relating and turned it into a framework. Get exactly what you need at the right time to start taking control of your relationship experience.

Real Self Discovery & Healing

Go deeper to discover what you really want and how exactly you can do you and still raise your family. Reprogram your mind to let go of worthiness-killing stories and start owning your worth.

Tools That Work

It’s hard to change a relationship when you’re still interacting the way your parents did. You’ll be given tools for conscious communication, boundary setting, empathy, and all of the skills you need to actually be understood & supported. 

Expert Coaching & Mentorship

Not only will you be supported as you learn and start implementing the 6-Step Quantum Love Journey, but you’ll also leave the program with everything you need to DIY in the future. 

“…These are the skills that you have to obtain in life to find happiness. Success is self-discovery. Because if you don’t discover yourself, you will never find happiness. You’ll never discover true love…”

– Marco Pierre White

Learn the most  effective language of all time… Authenticity.

Expert Coaching

What it takes to be authentic and what to do if you feel stuck.

Trigger Maps

Discover why something bothers you and what message it has for you about the way forward.

Healing Pathways

Learn how to self-parent your inner child & give yourself what you needed as a little girl.

Self-Love Habits

Exactly how to create supportive habits and how to break bad ones to reduce anger & anxiety.

Access Intuition

Practices to easily access your inner wisdom and guidance so you can create what you want.

Sacred Intimacy

How to go from unsatisfying acting to connecting energetically in an intimate way when you want to.

Empathy Mastery

Deepen all of your connections by learning how to offer genuine, healing empathy to yourself & others.

Shape Thinking

Learn phrases and techniques that get others to understand your point of view & make changes in their life.

Relationship Model

Confidently show & teach your kids what they need to know to have supportive, loving relationships.

Learn how to feel loved without waiting for him to evolve

You get a powerful system and the guidance you need to implement it without leaving the house.

Online learning platform

Grab your monthly Guidebook and listen to each weekly 5-minute video to learn how to use each step of the process in your life. Access the information from any desktop or mobile device anywhere with internet access, whenever it’s convenient for you.

The Happily Ever After Conscious Marriage Coaching Program by Beth Rowles
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Expert coaching

Get weekly support & guidance while you go on The Quantum Love Journey with 60-minute phone sessions that you can arrive to as you are and take anywhere that feels comfortable to you, so you get the ultimate mentorship for your marriage.

See  why learning how to be authentic changes everything

“Now I have a mental framework to help me understand what I’m up against and language I can use to begin healing myself and defending my relationships from the shadows of fears and frustrations from long ago that creep back into my life through modern triggers in my day-to-day life with my husband, children, and even my parents.”

- Danielle Fetherson

“Before this course it was like we were trying to speak two different languages! Beth offered a unique perspective on the common challenges and hurdles we face in any relationship. She allowed me to take a deeper look at the surface level issues and actually address what was truly going on behind them! My husband and I often had the same end goals but would go about them in different ways which would cause friction, just realizing this as well as having better tools to communicate has helped us get on the same page!”

- Brittany May

“This is 90 times more helpful than therapy
which I never understood. I want homework, I want more structure, real feedback, and not just space… You’re really intuitive and helpful! I’ve been talking to my mom about it and now she wants to sign up for Happily Ever After too!”

- D.R.

“One of the things I love about Beth’s work is how detailed and comprehensive she is when explaining situations with our partners and children. Her analogies really helped me understand her concepts and made it easy to remember when in a situation in my relationships. Anyone who works with her in any capacity will learn and grow within themselves. One of the best relationship programs out there, highly recommend all of Beth’s programs.”

- Jamie Jo Freeman

“Things are good between us. Now I feel like I can participate back in the family again, spend the evening just being with them and not having the rest of this swirling around in my head… When do I talk to him, how do I say it, what is that going to make me feel like… none of that is here now, in this moment I can be present. And all of that power stays with me and I can trust that whatever’s meant to happen will happen.”

- E.S.

“Oh my gosh, everything was useful today. I’m seeing the confidence I’m lacking, I want – I need assurance from people, am I doing right instead of listening to my heart. There are points when I need experts like you, let me make sure is this really truly what I’m feeling, is it the right thing, or maybe I need to change something… thank you for giving me that confidence.”

- J.S.

“I have been reconnecting beautifully with my wonderful husband. Never thought I’d refer to him this way again, but here we are 🥰”

– Pilar B.
Happily Ever After Coaching Program Graduate

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Who is Beth Rowles?

Beth Rowles is a Certified Conscious Relationship Coach and founder of The Authentic Wife, which she started after saving her struggling marriage to a wonderful man who happens to have ADHD. Over the past five years, her books, online courses, and remote private marriage coaching program for moms, Happily Ever After, have helped countless women discover who they really are through marriage and motherhood. She’s been featured on Boss Moms, That Girl The Podcast, Vision Driven Mom, and more.

She speaks about the importance of the third option when it comes to marriage or divorce, which is learning how to create the marriage moms and their kids deserve without waiting for their husbands to evolve. She believes it’s important to end divorce culture and raise healthy children who love & value all of who they are by seeing the worth of both parents. She lives with many courageous houseplants, her two young consciously-parented kids, and effervescent husband of 12 years, who will probably never let her forget the time she commented that “AYCE Crab” must be a special variety.

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👉 “He’s lazy and doesn’t help me at all.”

👉 “He’s using ADD as an excuse.”

👉 “He won’t listen to me.”

The Authentic Wife

By Beth Rowles

“Beth does a wonderful job of illustrating how challenging marriage can be, and how with simple, easy to do practices we can change how fulfilled we feel in our own skin and relationship. She honestly shares her story, and how she transformed from feeling trapped to feeling free and authentic. A beautiful book!”

-Harvey S. 

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